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Husum Piano Festival 2016

DACO 991 - Released 2018

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DVD-PAL - Audio: Stereo - Language: English and German - Running time: 50 min.

The international piano festival Rarities of Piano Music in Husum, Germany, celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2016 and a movie was made about the whole experience. It is deeply fascinating and you just want to experience this piano extravagance. The movie has interviews with leading pianists, live performances and is shot in the beautiful Husum castle.


Founded in 1987 the annual Rarities of Piano Music Festival in the North German town of Husum is a major event. Danacord has recorded every concert since the opening and each year released a CD with the best from the concerts. All CDs are among the most loved and sought after piano releases. Now, in 2016 the Festival celebrated its 30th Anniversary and a film crew made this movie about the pianists, the people behind the festival and not least the audience and Husum town. We follow rehearsals and concerts with pianists:

Zlata Chocieva
Jonathan Plowright
Artem Yasinsky
Johann Blanchard
Hélène Mercier

- and
Cyprien Katsaris

Interview with founder Peter Froundjian and critics and long time audience members. Also a visit to the Jeremy Nicholas talk show, the 30th Anniversary reception and idiomatic and innovative camera work from executive producer Jan Ö. Meier.