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The Tivoli Youth Guard


DACOCD 776 - Released 2017

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The world famous Danish Tivoli Garden is proud to have its own marching band, the Tivoli Youth Band and they are here presented with a brilliant new recording of the music we all associate with Tivoli. A stunning recording and a release full of colour, sparkle and inside information. Just the right thing that will bring a smile to your face!
  David M.A.P. Palmquist  


Musicweb International
  H. C. Lumbye
  - and others
[ 1 ] 170 Years Anniversary March of the Tivoli Youth Guard
(David M.A.P. Palmquist)
3:47 Play
[ 2 ] Hesperus Waltz (H. C. Lumbye) 6:55 Play
  The Tivoli Suite
[ 3 ] Salute to Fru Nimb (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 2:29 Play
[ 4 ] Promenade of the Peacock (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 3:43 Play
[ 5 ] Rutsch! (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 2:54 Play
[ 6 ] Tivoli by Night (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 4:55 Play
[ 7 ] Tivoli Fireworks Fanfare (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 3:27 Play
[ 8 ] King George I's Honorary March (H. C. Lumbye) 3:07 Play
[ 9 ] Intrada (Ib Glindemann) 2:56 Play
[10] The Merry Parade (Ib Glindemann) 3:26 Play
[11] Princess Thyra Polka (H. C. Lumbye) 2:39 Play
[12] A Farnon Fantasy (Robert Farnon) 7:57 Play
[13] Champagne Galop (H. C. Lumbye) 2:19 Play
  Parade in the Tivoli Gardens
[14] March of the Flag 0:33 Play
[15] The Signal of the Tivoli Youth Guard (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 0:23 Play
[16] The Tivoli Youth Guard in Gala (Dan Gl├Žsel) 3:08 Play
[17] The Caravan (Nell Krogh Larsen) 1:12 Play
[18] Salute March of the Tivoli Youth Guard (Arne Ole Stein) 3:33 Play
[19] The Merry Corner (Henrik Madsen) 1:12 Play
[20] Georg Carstensen's March (Stig Nordestgaard) 3:09 Play
[21] The Fountain (Martin Holtegaard) 0:38 Play
[22] The Thousand March (David M.A.P. Palmquist) 2:52 Play
[23] Step down 0:08 Play
  The Tivoli Youth Guard Band
[24] Dagmar Polka (H. C. Lumbye) 2:13 Play
[25] In love in Copenhagen (Bent Fabricius Bjerre) 3:03 Play
  The Tivoli Youth Guard