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Katrine Gislinge

plays works by
Robert Schumann and Per Nørgård

DACOCD 741 - Released 2013
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Danish pianist Katrine Gislinge was the first Danish pianist ever to record for Deutsche Grammophon, and she is undoubtedly one of the leading pianists of her generation. Her new Danacord CD features the Schumann "Kreisleriana" with piano works by Per Nørgård, "Unfolding" being dedicated to Katrine Gislinge.
The booklet has a long interview with Per Nørgård and shows a painting by the renowned painter Maja Lisa Engelhardt. A unique CD in every possible way.
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
3x6 stars in Piano News:
[...] "As far as the Schumann goes, it will remain, alongside Horowitz, as my preferred Kreisleriana for some time to come".
John France
Kreisleriana, Op. 16 (1838)
Phantasien für das Pianoforte
Dedicated to Frédéric Chopin
[ 1 ] Äußerst bewegt (Extremely animated) 2:34 Play
[ 2 ] Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch
(Very inwardly and not too quickly)
9:28 Play
[ 3 ] Sehr aufgeregt (Very agitated) 4:44 Play
[ 4 ] Sehr langsam (Very slowly) 4:11 Play
[ 5 ] Sehr lebhaft (Very lively) 3:21 Play
[ 6 ] Sehr langsam (Very slowly) 4:28 Play
[ 7 ] Sehr rasch (Very fast) 2:09 Play
[ 8 ] Schnell und spielend (Fast and playful) 3:36 Play
Per Nørgård (b.1932)
[ 9 ] Grooving (1967-68)
Written for Mrs. Elisabeth Klein and
dedicated to myself ("My inner self")
11:24 Play
[10] Turn (1973) 11:16 Play
[11] Unfolding (2012)
Dedicated to Katrine Gislinge
6:11 Play
Katrine Gislinge, Piano
Steinway Model D