Sjov på sejltur / Sjov's sail

One sees a tightened rope - a mainsail under pressure
And dark green waves below the boom
A little buoy bouncing at the end of a reef
And Daddy who takes a chart out of his pocket Now we haul the foresail, and take another turn!
In floating clouds the masthead pitches
And if anything is ahead, then report it mate Sjov
And Sjov gets soaking wet all over It's all healthy, my boy, a little saltwater strengthens the mind
If all of Denmark would take another plunge
We wouldn't have melancholy and crybabies and bards,
Who paint life black - now haul that foresail And 'Goldfish' cleaves the water with keel and soughing bow
There's streaming and bubbling astern.
Hold the course towards the oat field. There's Aakjær Forest.
And be quiet and obey the law of nature. And the wind plays up - and 'Goldfish' heels
And balances over Sallingsund
With lightening music and blue water and gull-white sparks
And Sjov has silver and saltwater in his mouth. He feels the power of the wind - it happens in a second.
He is thrown overboard - and the rudder is hanging
- He sees a blue plantation, a sea that whirls around,
an upturned house with sunshine on white wings. He uses all his hands - he is thinking of radishes
He sees in light the strange inlet
With deep green cliffs - then he is eating
And there is Dad smiling at his rudder.