Natten / The Night

Quiet. The sun has set. Behold, in the bright west
Over the edge of the trees a twinkling star appears.
Calmly its golden radiance smiles
Beyond the fading evening glow The sea is like silver, resting in profound peace
Quietly the fisherman's boat crosses the shiny mirror.
Without shadowy ripples
Its giant breast quietly breathes. Towards the outermost reaches the deep blue thickens.
Slowly it comes near, putting out the shine of the mirror.
Its inaudible whisper
Spreads its darkening wings. High, awaited Night! Embracing you come.
Mild you step ashore, wanders on misty feet
Over the cooling meadows.
The cloak brushes the ripe corn. Everything you fill with peace. The colours are wiped out.
The dog ended his bark, the world its empty din.
Over the earth flows
Only your silent bliss. Then the stars come out, closely spread around your shoulders.
Beyond the dimmed shine a countenance looks down.
The Lord speaks to the soul,
The smile is reflected in the depth of the ocean.