Du Danske Sommer/ Summer of Denmark

Summer of Denmark, I love you.
Though you have ever so often decieved me.
Now sea and land are bleak
Now naked girls on every beach
More, more, more
I love you yet each time you laugh In you mind you are capricious
though deep within is pure gold
A fairytale is your happy name
And flowers shine from your bosom.
Corn, corn, corn
in dreams grow under the crescent moon. When your waves washed over the shore
intoxicated blue like the gaze of goddesses
A youth sang with joy a paean to you
dressed only in sunshine and tanned skin.
Down, down, down
To baptism in oblivion and eternity. And when you reached with open mind
the bright night into the sky
while it smelled of elder and hay
We prayed: Please never let the dream die
Alas, alas, alas
Our hearts swelled with faith and gratitude. Summer of Denmark, take my greeting
You bright night and you bright day
You often pass coldly over the country
Yet I know you come back hot
Yes, yes, yes
Yet I know your heart is gold.