Til een / To one

The night was mild and dear, quiet and dark
Hidden behind the cloud was every brilliant star
So alone we were
The branches of the lime quietly floated by our window
Everything was a sweet melody So alone we were with us and our hearts
Untouched the memory of pain, the memory of storms
Glided past us
After all gnawing the gnawing worms lay wrapped in oblivion
There was but one thing we saw Melted to one was the candles of life
One was both trembling hearts
Woven like vine
One our thoughts, one was our Heaven, our faith, our hope
One, like the baptism of our love Dreaming we were lulled as over the sea
Awakening ghe sigh, buried in longing
Greeted oru star
Which, from the distant eternity, had united our names
Blissful in each others arms.