Min skat/ My Darling (Love)

She is sweet,
she is soft,
she is slender.
She is compliant and indulgent
and straight as a rush.
Her cheek is soft
and warm as that of a rose
She is dainty and kissable
on lips, hand and arm Oh, as neat
and as light
as a drifting seed
she can curtsey
and twirl
on her beautiful foot.
Where she stood on her foot
Where she walked
and she sprang
to the sound of the flutes
she was pretty
and delightful. And as cheerful
as a brook
amidst the multitude of flowers
her eye is twinkling
joyfully, nicely.
Her voice is my comfort
in the depth of the night of sorrows
Al this splendour
and love
is my sweet darling.