Folkeligt skal alt nu være/ Now everything shall be 'for the people'

Now everything shall be 'for the people'
Throughout the land, from head to foot.
Something new is in the wind.
That even fools can understand.
But can all that break be mended
With something new, which must first be born?
Does one also know what one wants
Other than "bread and circuses"? People! What is people after all
What does 'for the people' mean
Is it the nose or the mouth
Which gives it away?
Exists the people, hidden to everybody's eye
Only in barrows?
Or behind every shrub and plough
In every lump of flesh nimble and coarse? In the old days there were people.
Both great people and little ones
If there are still people left
Will now be tried.
People-spirits now wake up
Like the nimble, so the idle ones.
What they all can and will
Is to risk everything To one people the all belong
They who consider themselves part of it.
They have an ear for the mother tongue
They burn for the homeland.
The rest, like dragon-puppets
Exclude themselves from their family
Deny themselves citizenship. 'for the people' is still one thing
from the depth of the heart
'for the people' is the song of love
genuinely Danish at all hours.
Not in the battlefield, not at court
Are women and children disregarded
Whatever goes up and down
Still Danish is love.