The clouds are turning grey
And the leaves are falling
The birds sing no more.
Winter glooms.
Night is calling
The Flowers sigh
"It snows"
And yet with joy we carry light. Winter will come and snow will fall
The flowers will wither
The ice will not be thawed by the tears wept for Balder
The tears will stiffen with cold
And yet... Solstice will come and the tables will turn
The days will again lengthen
The sunshine will grow and winter will end
The skylarks will sing
Therefore with joy we carry lights The years are changing from fear of age
The bards agree with them
Every year the birds must moult
Or they could not fly so lightly
Therefore... The birds fly like wind on wings
Easily over the wild seas
The bards fly, as sounds the rhyme
Smoothly over the tomb of the generations
Therefore... The hearts falter, when beating loudly
Drawn to the bird's trace
Yet light will prevail, the gloomy thought
Will flee and sink in the ground
Therefore... The hymns are sounding and the bells are ringing
Mocking with the snow at Christmas
Winter must rhyme with spring
And thaw before the hidden sun In the course of winter believing hearts
Will give birth to the delightful spring
Will embrace it like an infant
With a happy new year The child of Bethlehem in the manger
That is eternal spring
Believing hearts has felt it.
Christmas brings a happy New Year
Therefore with joy we carry light