At sige verden ret farvel/ To bid the world rightly farewell

To bid the world a proper farewell
In the dawn of life and the eve of life
Is as difficult to do.
It was never learned here on Earth
If you, Jesus, were not in your word
With us, as you are at home. However often with you I found comfort
When the heart trembled, and tears ran,
And the world's waves roared
Still my soul clings to the dust
and the snake bites my heel
Though you crushed its head. O Jesus, Lord, sweet brother.
You know best the bitter death
You have overcome it
Our making you know with clarity
And know we all see with horror
Our hourglass run out. O come who once, I know,
In the glory of your father
Will appear
Be it at dawn, be it at eve
I will hurry with brief farewells
To haste to you in Heaven. But if death comes before you
Then come in secret, call to mind
How dark is the grave.
Surround me with light, thus I will forget it
Anoint you sick friend's eye
So I can see the Garden of God. Come in the last vigil
In the guise of a dear one
And sit by my side
And talk to me, as friend to friend
Of where we will soon meet again
And forget all our anguish. Come as you wish, I know for sure
You have said it yourself, that here and after
You will be known by your voice
The voice by which, despite the world's din
The heart will burn in our chests
And melt away in comfort. O, in my last hour Let me hear it from your own lips
Like spirit and life can talk
How good it is in Heaven
And that you have made a place for me
In your bright halls. Before Death with his icicle-hand
Divides dust and spirit
Waves away the warmth of the heart
With joy I will fall asleep
Like the child at his mothers breast
In your saviour-arms.