Hyggelig, rolig/ Cosy, calm

Cosy, calm
God, is your abode
Immensely beautiful.
O, how my heart
Is pining,
Secretly sighing
To visit your wonderful sanctuary
To dwell with the living God. The fountain of goodness,
Early and late
Hospitable your are.
In your halls
Sparrow meets swallow,
Call this to mind:
Like the chirping bird at your altar
Grant your servant in your temple a cover. To build with you
Rightfully is called
Supreme happiness.
There the tongue
Always wants to sing
And never grows tired.
Does not add and does not take
The eternal alleluia of joy. Though always down here
Happy is called
The one who has faith in you.
In Heaven
He dares
Come in freely
At your word.
Yes, in his heart from the valley of tears
You build a stairway to Heaven. Succeed an thrive
Be strengthened and revived
Will your little ones.
Grow stronger
And accordingly rise
To reach the high halls
Go to Heaven where the eye that cries no more,
The God of gods in his glory will see. A thousand days
Worldly, holy
Golden to the flesh.
Can they ever compare
With one day of yours
Like the ones we enjoyed
When singing with your winged word
The soul flew over the stars. Never will I trade, God
The beggar's place in your mansion
For the seat
The proud one possesses
In the high palace,
The one whom you love, shall not want.
The one who sits with you, will not be poorly seated.