De levendes land/Land of the Living

I know a land
where your hair does not grow grey, and where time has no bite,
where the sun does not burn, and the waves do not beat
where autumn embraces the blooming spring,
where evening and morning are always dancing
with the bright noon. O wonderful land
where the hourglass has not tears for sand,
where nothing is wanted, which is worth wanting
where is fathomed, not only that which gave pain!
Every man seeks with longing in his heart,
your smiling coast. Promised land.
You are greeted in the morning's bright strand,
when the child gaze upon your wonderful shadow
and dreams, you are to be found where the forest is green,
where the child can share with flowers and rushes
his smile and his life. O elusive dream.
of the island of eternity in the current of time
of the tempel of joy in the valley of tears
of the demigod life in the realm of the dead
(..) O disapointing dream!
Shining bubble in the current of time!
In vain the bard with mouth and pen
from gleaming shadows will create you again!
When the shadow is straightest
cry the little ones who stare at it. Enchanting dream
of the pearl of eternity in the current of time.
You fool the unfortunate who seek in vain
what the heart desires, in pictures and art,
everlasting they call, what will surely perish
like hours and years. O Sprit of love!
Like a child let me kiss your radiant hand
which reaches from Heaven to the soil of Earth
and touches our eyes with fingers like gold,
so blue the wonderful land rises
beyond the thundering strand. O heavenly name,
who opens to us your holy embrace,
thus the spirit in purity can touch the dust
and make come alive the withered foliage.
O let me kneel down so deeply in my soil
that only God will see me.