Lauritz Melchior Anthology, vol. 1-5

Vol. 1: DACOCD 311-312: The First Recordings: Baritone 1913-15 - Early Tenor 1920-21
Vol. 2: DACOCD 313-314: Red Polydors and Blue Parlophones 1923-26
Vol. 3: DACOCD 315-316: Electrola and His Master's Voice 1928-1931
Vol. 4: DACOCD 317-318: The Legendary Interpretations Siegmund in »Die Walküre« 1935-1938
Vol. 5: DACOCD 319-321: The Legendary Interpretations »Siegfried« 1935-1938
Melchior & Flagstad in Copenhagen: DACOCD 325

Lauritz Melchior was the most famous Wagner tenor ever, ­ and he was Danish and proud of it. What more natural than a Danish record company paying tribute to this great son of the country. Danacord has collected all the European recordings from the very first acoustical records to the famous Walküre and Siegfried recordings done in Vienna just before the Second World War. All these recordings made Lauritz Melchior famous and they have never since been surpassed. He recorded nearly all the great arias from the Wagner operas, but also his duets with Frida Leider and Kirsten Flagstad became legendary.

The Danacord Lauritz Melchior Anthology is divided into the recordings Melchior did for the German company Polydor and Parlophone as well as his complete recordings for the British HMV. We collected the recordings chronologically thereby giving a clear picture of the development of a voice unique to the Wagner repertoire. The essence of Melchior will be found in vols 3, 4 and 5 with the last mentioned also including the 70th Birthday Concert in Copenhagen where Melchior triumphantly sang Siegmund in a live concert version of the first act of Die Walküre.