Rued Langgaard

Rued Langgaard: Complete Symphonies DACOCD 404-410
Vol. 1: DACOCD 404 Symphony no. 1
Vol. 2: DACOCD 405 Symphonies nos. 2 & 3, Drapa
Vol. 3: DACOCD 406 Symphonies nos. 4 & 6, Death of a Hero, Interdikt
Vol. 4: DACOCD 407 Symphonies nos. 5, 7 & 9
Vol. 5: DACOCD 408 Symphonies nos. 10, 11 & 12, Sphinx
Vol. 6: DACOCD 409 Symphonies 8, 14 & 15
Vol. 7: DACOCD 410 Symphonies 13 & 16, Prelude to Anti-Krist
Symphonies 4, 6, 10 & 14 - The Music of the Spheres DACOCD 560 (2 CD)
Piano music - Bengt Johnsson DACOCD 369
Piano music - Peter Froundjian DACOCD 430
Messis - Organ drama in three evenings DACOCD 485-486 (2 CD)
Antichrist - Church opera in six scenes DACOCD 517
Piano concertos - Rued and Siegfried Langgaard - Harmonious Families, Vol. 4 DACOCD 535

Rued Langgaard was described as "a white duckling who became an ugly swan". His first symphony (composed when he was only 14 years old) caused a sensation when it was performed by Max Fiedler in Berlin and the next three symphonies quickly established Langgaard as one of the most brilliant composers in Denmark. Strongly influenced by his anachronistic parents and a strong believer in the musical tradition of the past, Langgaard lost the connection to the musical life before he was even 30. The symphonies following number four became rhapsodic and romantic in a way where they found little less than laughter among the audience. Forgotten and without any influence in Danish music, he died in 1952 shortly after finishing his 16th symphony.

All the 16 symphonies of Rued Langgaard are now recorded on 7 compact discs and the products of this spirited but troubled mind of a very original and complex composer can now be heard together with other orchestral music from his vast output. Danacord has also recorded piano music by Rued Langgaard and has the widest selection of his recorded music on compact disc.