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New release
in December:

Kristian Krogsøe

A Tribute to J.S. Bach

DACOCD 773 cover
Undoubtedly the finest young organist in Denmark, Kristian Krogsøe, cathedral organist and master of music at the Aarhus Principal Church here performs music by and inspired by J. S. Bach at one of the largest organs in Denmark. The luxurious production with large booklet is a follow up on the internationally acclaimed Krogsøe recording of the complete organ music by Duruflé on DACOCD 726.
New release
in November:

Franz Schubert


Johan Reuter
Copenhagen String Quartet
DACOCD 759 cover
Danish world famous baritone Johan Reuter is here singing Schubert "Winterreise" in a sensational version accompanied by string quartet. Cellist of The Copenhagen String Quartet, Richard Krug, arranged the piano part and text and music never sounded better together. With his intelligent approach and deep sense of musicality Johan Reuter is probably releasing the best Winterreise ever caught in the studio.
New release
in September:

Georges Bizet

Symphony in C Major; Carmen Suite No. 1; L'Arlésienne Suite No. 1 & 2

DACOCD 775 cover
This is the first recording featuring the new chief conductor of the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Marc Soustrot, in French music by Bizet. It is a winning combination of an orchestra famous for its brilliant Delius recording and an idiomatic French conductor. These works by Bizet can hardly be bettered. And with sound to match, this is truly "magnifique"!.
New release
in August:

Rarities of Piano Music from the 2015 Festival at »Schloss vor Husum«

Vol. 28

DACOCD 779 cover
Yet another sensational piano release from the German Husum Festival of Rarities featuring some of the leading pianists of today performing many rare works for solo piano. Not only for the piano lovers, but for all lovers of romantic piano music. Note: All the previous releases are still available.
New release
in June:

Anthology of American Piano Music, Vol. 1

Cecile Licad, Piano

DACOCD 774 cover
This is a major piano release! After world famous pianist Cecile Licad played the Ornstein Sonata on DACOCD 739 Danacord decided to record a series of American piano music and the first result is here with four important sonatas. This is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable collections to be released this year.
New release
in April:

Rued Langgaard

18 songs

DACOCD 763-768 cover
First recordings of songs by the enigmatic Danish late Romantic composer Rued Langgaard sung by the foremost Danish tenor Jens Krogsgaard. The release has full texts and translations and is a major addition to the growing Langgaard discography.
New release
in February:

Endre Wolf
in Sweden

Studio & private recordings 1944-1978

DACOCD 763-768 cover
The Hungarian/Swedish violinist Endre Wolf was a legend in his time. His rare recordings are here collected for the first time, mostly from live concerts and expertly transferred. A comprehensive booklet is included in this second volume devoted to a violinist belonging in the very top of musicians.
New release
in February:

Emil Gryesten

Franz Liszt
Sonata - Piano Works

DACOCD 772 cover
Young Danish pianist Emil Gryesten got tremendous fine reviews for his debut CD with music by Schubert. Here he is tackling the towering Sonata plus a selection of the magical piano works by Liszt. This piano playing in a very high level in a fine and clear recording.
New release
in December:

Erling Blöndal Bengtsson

Danish First Performances
Live Concert Recordings 1976-1991

DACOCD 770 cover
The Danish Master cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson gave numerous first performances of works for cello and orchestra in Denmark and his performances became benchmarks for the understanding and interpretation of these works ever since. Here are three of the composers he loved the most for the first time ever released on 2 CD for the price of 1.
New release
in October:

Carl Nielsen on Record:

Vintage and other historical recordings

DACOCD 801-830cover
The largest ever box set of Carl Nielsen recordings! All in new digital transfers done by Andrew Walter of Abbey Road Studios and Claus Byrith of Asinus Studios. With a large new booklet written by Lyndon Jenkins.
New release
in October:

Emil Gryesten

plays Schubert

DACOCD 769 cover
Young Danish pianist Emil Gryesten is already an established name in Scandinavia having studied in both Copenhagen and Helsinki. At the age of only 15 he won the Steinway Piano Competition and after that performed extensively. This is his first eagerly awaited recording for Danacord in piano music by Schubert. A true poet at the piano.
New release
in August:

Christine Pryn


DACOCD 762 cover
Young Danish violinist Christine Pryn is undoubtedly the foremost performer of contemporary music and her new CD with works for solo violin justly confirms her reputation. Here are some of the most challenging works for violin ending with the famous Bach Chaconne. A music tour de force nobody should miss!
New release
in August:

Rarities of Piano Music

from the 2014 Festival at »Schloss vor Husum«

DACOCD 749 cover
Another year, another Rarities of Piano Music CD release, this time from the 28th year since the beginning. As always there are truly brilliant performances of rare piano music played by some of the leading pianists from around the world. All previous years are available and are should be in all piano lovers collection.
New release
in July:

Scandinavian Classics, Vol. 5

Various soloists, orchestras and conductors

DACOCD 757-758 cover
This final volume in the Scandinavian Classics series, Volume 5, is a release to the memory of Lyndon Jenkins who planned and produced the first four volumes. We have selected his most beloved recordings and they are all issued here in new transfers, many, like the Hamerik Symphony, on CD for the first time.
New release
in May:

Elisabeth Nielsen

Bach, Schumann & Prokofiev

DACOCD 761 cover
A sensational piano talent from Denmark! Young Prize winner Elisabeth Nielsen with her debut CD. Towering performances eagerly critically awaited. A truly remarkable pianist absolutely not to be missed!
New release
in April:

Carlo Gesualdo


Musica Ficta
Bo Holten
DACOCD 760 cover
The new CD with Musica Ficta under Bo Holten from a live concert Nov. 18 in Bari, Italy, got the following praise: »As I told you, I've heard lots of groups sing Gesualdo, many of them very, very good. But I would rank yours right at the top. It was absolutely splendid, and for that you have my eternal thanks«.
(Glenn Watkins, leading Gesualdo scholar).
New release
in March:


Symphony No. 9

with reconstructed Finale
DACOCD 754 cover
A sensational first recording of the completed last movement of the Bruckner Symphony No. 9 in the version of Nors S. Josephson. The British conductor John Gibbons is leading the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in a truly spectacular performance produced and recorded by Lennart Dehn and Stephan Flock.
A Bruckner release of major importance!
New release
in January:

Olivier Messiaen

Chamber Music

Ensemble Nordlys
DACOCD 756 cover
»Quartet for the end of time« is one of the most moving and deeply felt compositions, written under horrible circumstances in 1941 by the young Olivier Messiaen. Here it is masterly recorded in the original version by the Ensemble Nordlys (Northern Light) together with two pieces for violin and piano. A truly remarkable new release!
New release
in November:

Nordic Winter -

Christmas Songs

DACOCD 755 cover
A charming and very original selection of Christmas songs and music inspired by the Nordic Winter. All sung by famous soprano Gitta-Maria Sjöberg and with new arrangements by composer Matti Borg. Not to be enjoyed only for the short Christmas season, but for all the long cosy Winter evenings.
New release
in November:

Nina Kavtaradze

Russian Piano Music

DACOCD 753 cover
As the booklet notes says: Great composers in small portions. Here is an excellent chance to hear shorter works by the four leading Russian piano composers played masterly by Nina Kavtaradze. A piano release of rare beauty and with a strong interest to all those in love with Russian piano music.
New release
in November:

Concert Clemens

Choral Works

DACOCD 752 cover
After the great success with the Duruflé release the Concert Clemens Choir from Aarhus is heard here in intimate settings of songs by both Early and Modern day composers. As usual the standard is very high and the recording and presentation is first class, naturally with full texts and translations.
New release
in October:

A Gramophone Tribute to

Erling Blöndal Bengtsson

Complete HMV Solo Recordings 1950-1961
DACOCD 738 cover
For the first time on CD the complete HMV solo recordings featuring the Danish cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson. The original recordings were all collectors items and the transfers, all done by Claus Byrith, are from his own collection.
This 2 CD set was approved by the cellist just before he died and compiled by his widow Merete Blöndal Bengtsson
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